Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

Children’s bedrooms. Decorating the nursery for their daughters is no easy task. Especially because girls often change their minds about what they like. It is also true, however, that the choice of furniture, colors for the walls, accessories and themes to follow is so vast that we can cater for everyone. Despite this, the girls often don’t know what they want. That’s why we. Some advice is always welcome!

Of course when the girls are immature and therefore still too small to have their say, it’s not hard to decorate the nursery. Beyond the cradle, a changing table and a dresser, just games. If you then choose the style shabby reach the maximum. Different speech is when they grow up. Undoubtedly the choices become more complicated. But not impossible. So we begin, starting precisely from the walls. We recommend very clear shades. The total white, pale pink, Taupe and pastel colours.

See romantic bedrooms and gain inspiration!

Blackboard paint is perfect, but you paint one wall. Possibly the one nearest the window. If the painting is not to your liking you can also choose the wallpaper. Would be nice a card with vertical stripes or polka dots. But I recommend colors not overloaded. And then so many stickers. Right now they are very trendy. In case your baby had a preference, listen to her. The room should represent you. But now look at the bedrooms romantic!

How beautiful these rooms and interesting solutions. Really neat idea might be to decorate the room in a romantic style. Drawing from, for example, the Provencal décor, with its pastel colors and its wonderful vintage items. The colors chosen are mostly pink and ivory. But you can use other colors, but remember in a light shade and soft. The duvet covers and pillows must be romantically decorated. While wrought iron is preferred furniture painted white, or grey.

For the style shabby chic, you can opt for the wooden furniture with paint peeling, which reveal the underlying color. How can it be a chest, a dresser or a small table. Or you can choose to decorate the themed room in the wake of the passions of your girls, like the circus, classical ballet, modern dance or any other hobby. Even the books and toys can be used as decorative accessories if well combined with the rest of the environment.